Welcome to Next Level Ride Austin

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Curt Sotkovski

Owner | Operator | Sports Therapist


Hey I’m the owner aka Chief of Next Level Ride. I am a Kinesiologist and I specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation. I love to ride anything that goes fast or does flips, mostly dirt bikes and wakeboards which is why I have a lot of experience with injuries. Wakeboarding can throw a body out of whack, which is why we built you a gym! I am here to make this park your home and give you a place to ride and let loose.


Niki Sotkovski

Owner | Manager | Sports Biomechanist | Yoga Instructor


Sup! I’m Queen Bee and I am giving much thanks to God for everything we’ve got going on at NLR! I am a Kinesiologist, Sports Bio-mechanist, a Yoga Instructor and a dread-head. I know a lot about the human body and how to keep it peaceful, fit and healthy.
I specialize in sports mechanics and I’ll teach you how to keep your body strong so you don’t run into any injuries. You can come by and see me in the gym and learn how to be more flexible on the board and find strength to stick it when it counts. My passion is to please God and to help others find their passion and live it out daily. LET GO, LET GOD & NAMASTE


Luke Sotkovski

Cable Operator | Kinesiologist


Park Dude here and I love all things extreme and all my life I have been dreaming of being a part of something radical and NEXT LEVEL like this, and I thank God for putting me into the mix as the park owner’s brother. I spend most of my time outside in communication and prayer with God, training my body, riding BMX or skateboarding. I’ve got my degree in Kinesiology and you’ll see me in the gym for some personal training, around the park building obstacles and ramps to ride on, running the cable and wherever you will need me to help you have a good time. Peace